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Getting Started

Congratulations to those of you that have decided to purchase a 10-20-30GO! kit!  You have taken a big first step.

Here are some things to remember when getting started…..

1. Take the 15 minutes to read the booklet– You will find motivation for getting started.  If you have ANY questions, please call or email or text.   Bo-913-220-9097/  Stacy 913-461-1656/

2. Don’t fret about the chore chart–  We have given you the stickers so you can have ideas to get started.  If there are not enough stickers for s certain chore, go ahead and write them in with a marker.  If you really want it to look uniformed and need the stickers, call or email and we will send you some more.

3. The back of the prayer board peels off–  We made this an adhesive that will not harm your refrigerator or whatever you decide to stick it to.  We wanted it to stick on the refrigerator without having to use magnets.  It needs to be front and center where everyone in the family can see it.

4. Delivery is everything– Make sure you present this to your children in a positive way.  Introducing it to your children and helping them understand the why is so important.

5.  Rome was not built in a day– and changing behavior in your children does not happen over night.  Stick to your guns and continue to ask your children “can I see your card” and “is your card current”.

6. The card is the bad guy– This is where you use some “love and logic” techniques.  “I wish you could go, but your card is not complete”.

7. Positive Immediate and Certain– When changing behaviors, you need to find positive reinforcers.  We use allowance but you can use other rewards.  Whatever you use, make sure they receive it at the end of the week (immediate) and the card scoring system is used (certain).  They will repeat the behavior if they receive positive, immediate and certain feedback.  No different than how we adults operate 🙂

8. Negative Immediate and Certain– I like to keep things positive, but let’s face it, in life we sometimes have to deal with negative consequences.  Make sure the negative consequences are immediate and certain.  Sometimes you have to take a firm stance if you are serious about changing behaviors.  Stay tuned for more on this topic.

9. Children want structure–  They will soon understand the rules and what they need to do to be successful with this program.

10.  Communication– Think of the card as a way to communicate with your children.  Once they understand the value of the card (positive or negative) they will consistently bring you the card and you will have opportunities to talk with them about what is on their mind.  When you hear about what they are praying for, you will hear what is on their hearts.  Ask them what they are reading and they will eventually give you more than you want to know.  When they don’t get chores done, it is an opportunity to discuss work ethic.

Please give us feedback on how you are using the system.  We have already heard some great ideas.


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