To Protect, NOT Control

Over the weekend I had  an ‘electronic’ debate with a friend over a moral issue.  It was an issue that I did not agree with or understand when I was younger.  In fact, it was an issue that I would have been guilty of not following at one time.  I have since changed my opinion and the way I live.  I forced myself to look at it from the other persons’ perspective.  Instead of criticizing and judging, I found myself wanting to understand WHY?  Why did I once share their opinion and now vehemently oppose?

As I was going over it in my head, I was reminded of my younger years when I used to say things like  “my parents just don’t understand” and  “things are different now and they just don’t get it“.  I remember thinking they were wrong and I would not believe all the things they believe.  At times I  thought they were trying to control me.  With time and maturity, I have come to realize that there were just some things I did not yet understand.  My parents were simply trying to protect me, not control me.

It instantly reminded me of the Church.  I am a practicing Catholic that did not always believe in everything my faith was trying to teach me.  But now I realize that, like a parent that wants to protect their children from things they do not yet understand, the Church is just trying to protect me and NOT control me.


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