Make Small Deposits In Your Child Each Day

Have you ever met a parent that wasn’t busy??  I don’t care if you have one child or “19 and counting”.  If you are raising children in today’s world you are busy!  We all want what is best when it comes to raising our children.  Because we are so busy we tend to look for that one thing or that secret sauce.  The truth is this, that “one thing” does not exist.  Focus on the relationship you are building with your child or children.  And remember that relationships are not always full of good news and warm fuzzies.  There are tough decisions and tough conversations that have to happen.   Learn to appreciate them both! Think of each one as an opportunity to make a small deposit in your child that will sprout and bear fruit one day.  All of those deposits will add up over time.  You WILL have the relationship that you want to have with your child.  Communicate, educate and hold them accountable with love! Remember that relationships take time.  Time with YOU:)

We have developed a tool for parents that will create coaching opportunities with your child on a regular basis.  The key to using the system is the “accountability” card that changes each week.  Each time your child brings you the card, think of it as an opportunity to make a small deposit.   check out our website and tell us what you think…..


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