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A Family That Prays Together, Stays Together

Prayer has always been a main priority in our household.  Growing up, my parents made it a priority to pray together as a family every night.  This has never been an easy task.  With seven kids, spanning over the course of twelve years, we didn’t have a lot in common when we were younger.  One thing we did have in common?  Our family prayers.

No matter what stage of life we were in, we were never excused from family prayers.  If someone had a game or practice, the family waited.  If we were in the car, we turned off the radio and prayed.  This still rings true to this day.  With my siblings ages ranging from 29 to 17, if we are home, we participate in family prayers.  You can never be too old to pray as a family.

We didn’t make it easy on my parents, and put up a fight against it on several occasions.  There were multiple occasions when there was complaining and eye rolling- the classic “I’m too cool to hang out with my family,” – but by the end of prayers, that attitude was gone.  My mom has always said, “A family that prays together, stays together.”  If you make the effort to pray, God will do the rest.

Our prayers started out small.  We gathered in the family room and each person went around and did their prayers of thanksgiving and petition.  As we grew, so did our family prayers.  Our nightly routine now consists of a litany of prayers, that expands well over ten minutes.  Family prayers has given myself, as well as my siblings, a solid faith foundation to lean on constantly.  It gives me comfort and hope, and a feeling of importance.  Developing a solid prayer life for your children takes time and patience, but it is something that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

How does your family pray?

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 By Mary Greenhalgh

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