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Find Your “Change Champion”

Michael is our son that would help around the house even before we started the 10-20-30GO! system, and without receiving a commission or reward.  Imagine his excitement when he saw an opportunity to excel, receive praise and a reward.  He immediately took to the system and made it a priority in his daily life.  Rarely do we have to ask him if his card is complete, as he brings it to us daily with little resistance or complaint.

The “change champion” is the child in your family that seeks attention from mom and dad by doing good and what is asked.  He or she like to please.  They are the one that has been following along with the rules for some time and they are not being affirmed or rewarded.  Starting a system where they can be rewarded will make them feel good about these accomplishments.

Find your change champion, every family has one, and they will lead the others in the family.  They are just waiting for opportunity!

Bo Govea


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